Restoring trust and enabling innovation
Monday 29 March


Welcome to LORCA Live 2021 + Saj Huq and Andrew Roughan on the role of cyber innovators

LORCA Live’s host, BBC News’ business presenter Ben Thompson, will open the event and introduce our first segment. Plexal’s managing director Andrew Roughan and LORCA’s director Saj Huq will speak about how cyber innovators have responded to the pandemic and the role cybersecurity can play to enable innovation, create jobs, build trust and secure our economy. 


Keynote: Matt Warman, minister for digital infrastructure, DCMS


Panel: Innovation in the Age of Post-Truth

Panel debate looking at the extraordinary events of 2020 – the pandemic, healthcare’s response, the US election, anti-vaxxers, increased cybercrime – through the lens of public trust in the government, algorithms and innovation. We’ll examine the role of cybersecurity in protecting trust and truth.

Will Moy, CEO, Full Fact
Anna-Sophie Harling, MD Europe and EVP, NewsGuard
Dr Bertie Vidgen, research fellow in online harms, Turing Institute
Adam Micklethwaite, director of digital social inclusion, Good Things Foundation


Reporting from: Cheltenham

Spotlight on the thriving cybersecurity ecosystem in Cheltenham, featuring Reid Derby, innovation lead at Cyber Central UK.


Keynote: AI, machine learning and cybersecurity: myths, buzzwords and reality

The increasing discussion of AI in the cybersecurity world has prompted debates over the importance of AI when it comes to cyber attacks and defence. But how genuine is the impact of AI and machine learning on cybersecurity? Is this rhetoric, or reality? And what about cyber threats to AI itself?

Security teams looking to understand and leverage its potential power will have to decide what actually works and find a way to balance human intuition with the network-speed responses of AI. Understanding the applications where AI can provide real value could be a key differentiator for successful cybersecurity strategies.

Robert Hannigan, former director of GCHQ, will discuss some of the high-level issues during a keynote.


Keynote: Tech and Democracy – What Happens When Innovation Is Hijacked?

Keynote speech from Harper Reed, serial tech entrepreneur and former CTO for Obama’s presidential campaign. Harper will discuss how the very innovations he helped build throughout his career have been used by nefarious actors – including by nation states to wage disinformation campaigns aimed at undermining democracy. 

Harper will speak about why we must consider how the technologies we create could be used against us, what startups should consider when building innovative companies and why this is more relevant now than ever before.

Enabling future innovations
Tuesday 30 March


Welcome to Day Two

Opening remarks from our LORCA Live host, BBC News business presenter Ben Thompson.


Panel: The Great Cyber Reset

Panel discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities facing cybersecurity in the context of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

If this is our chance to redefine the relationship between business, society and the planet, what role does cybersecurity play? And how must the sector evolve to engage individuals and enable businesses to innovate?

Senior representative, NCSC
Troels Oerting, former head of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity


Panel: Unlocking emerging technologies

Technology will transform work, travel, healthcare, communications and our approach to identity – but only if people trust it. Our panel will explore the role of cyber and the biggest challenges ahead.

Paul Branley, director of strategy, innovation and testing, Lloyds Banking Group
Emma Lindley, co-founder, Women in Identity
Mark Woods, chief technical adviser EMEA, Splunk


Reporting from: Greater Manchester 

Spotlight on the thriving cybersecurity ecosystem in Greater Manchester.

Beena Puri, GM digital innovation and partnerships lead, Greater Manchester Combined Authority 
Dom Eade, director, BAE Systems
Danny Dresner PhD, BSc (Hons), FCIIS professor of cyber security, University of Manchester
Councillor Elise Wilson, leader of the council and GM economy and business, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


Panel: Understanding the Changing Risk Landscape for Business

We’ll hear from four companies that have supported businesses during cybercrime attacks. What went wrong and what lessons did the victims learn? And what advice would they give businesses when it comes to responding to and recovering from an attack?

Alastair Paterson, CEO, Digital Shadows
Sian John MBE, director SCI strategic growth business development, Microsoft
Stephen Wray, director, cyber risk services, Deloitte
Ruth Schofield, UK country manager, Heimdal Security


Interview: Taking a Proactive Approach to Intrinsic Security

An interview with the chief operating officer of VMware, Sanjay Poonen.

A cyber-enabled digital future
Wednesday 31 March


Welcome to Day Three

Opening remarks from our LORCA Live host, BBC News business presenter Ben Thompson.


Interview: Cyber in Space – Securing the Next Frontier

Is space the next frontier for cybersecurity? We’re firmly entrenched in the satellite age and dependent on this technology for everything from GPS to a range of military functions. In this context, our reliance on space technology, which can often hold sensitive information, makes these systems attractive targets. But satellites are still controlled by computers on the ground, making them just as vulnerable as other systems.

Don’t miss our conversation with Rob Meyerson, founder and CEO of Delalune Space, as we explore the importance of securing cyber-space.


Panel: Securing the Future, Today

Panel debate examining the evolution of the risk landscape over the next ten years. We’ll ask what cybersecurity solutions, products and strategies businesses need to implement now to protect themselves and unlock innovation.

Seemant Sehgal, founder and CEO, BreachLock
Alan Platt, COO, CyberHive
Robert Griffin, CEO, MIRACL


Panel: The Next Cyber Unicorn

Our panel of investors will look ahead at the tech trends that will define which cyber startups receive investment in the next ten years. Which cybersecurity solutions are on their watchlist, what advice would they give startups and which international tech hubs are gathering momentum in the security realm?

Kirsten Connell, venture partner, Octopus Ventures
Kerry Baldwin, partner, IQ Capital
Cat McDonald, investment manager, AlbionVC
Henry Mason, principal, Dawn Capital


Keynote: Closing Remarks

Final keynote speech from LORCA’s director Saj Huq about the future of the programme, what the ecosystem must do next and his predictions for the coming year.

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