Restoring trust and enabling innovation
Monday 29 March


Welcome to LORCA Live 2021

Welcome and opening remarks from our LORCA Live’s host, BBC News business presenter Ben Thompson.


Introduction from Plexal

Opening address from Plexal’s managing director Andrew Roughan about the progress of LORCA, how cyber innovators have responded to the pandemic and the role cybersecurity can play to create a safer, fairer and more secure society. 


Keynote: Enabling the Economic Recovery

Keynote speech from the UK government about the importance of cybersecurity to the country’s economic recovery.


Panel: Innovation in the Age of Post-Truth

Panel debate looking at the extraordinary events of 2020 – the pandemic, healthcare’s response, the US election, anti-vaxxers, increased cybercrime – through the lens of public trust in the government, algorithms and innovation. We’ll examine the role of cybersecurity in protecting trust and truth.


Reporting from: Cheltenham

Spotlight on the thriving cybersecurity ecosystem in Cheltenham.


Keynote: Disinformation and Trust

Keynote speech on the extent to which disinformation is eroding trust in public services.

The speech will focus on the role of cybersecurity in what could become the defining battle for technology over the next ten years: restoring the belief that tech is a force for good.

Enabling future innovations
Tuesday 30 March


Welcome to Day Two

Opening remarks from our LORCA Live host, BBC News business presenter Ben Thompson.


Introduction from LORCA

Fireside chat with LORCA director Saj Huq to discuss the future of the LORCA programme and the growth opportunities for cyber startups.


Panel: The Great Cyber Reset

Panel discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities facing cybersecurity in the context of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

If this is our chance to redefine the relationship between business, society and the planet, what role does cybersecurity play? And how must the sector evolve to engage individuals and enable businesses to innovate?


Panel: Unlocking emerging technologies

Technology will transform work, travel, healthcare, communications and our approach to identity – but only if people trust them. Our panel will explore the role of cyber and the biggest challenges ahead.


Reporting from: Greater Manchester 

Spotlight on the thriving cybersecurity ecosystem in Greater Manchester.


Panel: Understanding the changing risk landscape for business

Panel discussion with three companies that have supported businesses during cybercrime attacks – understanding what went wrong, what lessons were learnt and how they now advise companies on cybersecurity.


Interview: VMware

An interview with the Chief Operating Officer of VMware, Sanjay Poonen.

A cyber-enabled digital future
Wednesday 31 March


Welcome to Day Three

Opening remarks from our LORCA Live host, BBC News business presenter Ben Thompson.


Keynote: The Next Ten Years of Digital Innovation

Keynote speech about how technology will shape our lives in the next decade.


Panel: Securing the future, today

Panel debate examining the evolution of the risk landscape over the next ten years. We’ll ask what cybersecurity solutions, products and strategies businesses need to implement now to protect themselves and unlock innovation.


Panel: The Next Cyber Unicorn

Our panel of investors will look ahead at the tech trends that will define which cyber startups receive investment in the next ten years. Which cybersecurity solutions are on their watchlist, what advice would they give startups and which international tech hubs are gathering momentum in the security realm?


LORCA Live Announcement

LORCA will reveal how cyber startups can take part in its next programme, which launches on day three.


Keynote: Closing Remarks

Final keynote speech from LORCA’s director Saj Huq about the future of the programme, what the ecosystem must do next and his predictions for the coming year.

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