Register for a workshop to learn from world-class experts on everything from the power of storytelling in cyber to how to win consortium-based government contracts.

Expedite pursuit of compliance authorisations

3:00-3:30pm 15/09/20
3:00-3:30pm 16/09/20

Hear about the Authority to Operate on AWS program, which provides resources to solution providers running on AWS who need help with their pursuit of a compliance authorisation. The ATO on AWS program reduces the time and cost associated with achieving compliance certifications and authorisations while enabling you to continuously develop, integrate and monitor a solution throughout its life cycle.

Hosted by: Greg Hermann, AWS

Storytelling in cyber: the missing component

12:30-1:30pm 16/09/20

Simeon Quarrie knows a thing or two about storytelling. As the founder of VIVIDA, a startup that uses storytelling and immersive experiences to drive behaviour change, he will take attendees through a workshop on storytelling’s role in cybersecurity. Bring your popcorn and hear how the company has taken innovate approaches to security challenges and awareness building (by creating a dark web mission control, for example).

Hosted by: Simeon Quarrie, VIVIDA

Bridging the gap: helping corporates and SMEs overcome the challenges of winning and delivering consortium-based government contracts

10:00-11:00am 17/09/20

Whether you’re an SME, consultant or large enterprise, join us for an interactive workshop if you’re interested in taking a partnership-led approach to winning government contracts. Hosted by LORCA, this workshop will bring together one of the largest outsourcing providers to government, a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital transformation (whose largest client is the UK government) and a leading cybersecurity scaleup that provides services to government and defence clients across the globe.

Hosted by: Dave Rowley, LORCA

With our expert guests:
Mark Roberts, Capita Consulting
Adrian Holt, Capita Consulting
Chris Porter, 6point6
Joe Boyle, SaltDNA

Securing supply chains to build resilience

12:30-1:10pm 17/09/20

This workshop is aimed at startups and SMEs looking to secure supply chains or make sure that they’re not the weak link in a larger organisation’s supply chain.

Scott McKinnon, security architect at VMWare, and Russell Gundry, director of innovation programmes at Plexal, will explore the increasing importance of securing information throughout the supply chain. We’ll look at innovative solutions on the market and explain the approach that VMware takes to address the challenge.

The aim of the session is to encourage startups and suppliers to think through this critical challenge before it becomes a barrier to sales and adoption.

Hosted by: Scott McKinnon, VMware

Collaborating for success: how innovation and startups can help large enterprises

3:30-4:00pm 17/09/20

Lloyds Banking Group’s Sharon Barber, chief security officer, and Paul Branley, director of security, innovation & testing, will explore the advantages of working with large enterprises as well as the challenges they face in bringing in new technology.

Hosted by: Paul Branley and Sharon Barber, Lloyds Banking Group