The CyberFish

The CyberFish blends technical guidance and behavioural analysis to deliver cyberpsychology research, learning and assessment services to organisations worldwide. Its training focuses on human collaboration and leadership – two factors identified as important predictors of cyber resilience and defence performance.

Milestone Moments

  1. We won and are now delivering an FCDO bid to build capacity on Cyber Resilience working with the Brazilian Army’s National School of Cyber Defence.
  2. Our CEO Berta Pappenheim was invited to be the Fellow for Leadership and Culture at Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS) sponsored by, and in cooperation with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). In her fellowship, Berta is exploring the implications of mass remote/hybrid working arrangements on the psychological contract between employees and leadership from the perspective of cyber risk. The CyberFish research team members Georgia Crossland, Amy Ertan and Hannah Williams are looking into how organisations adjusted to remote working in terms of cyber risk management strategies, how cybersecurity functions maintain a positive security culture through remote working, how organisations are able to support colleagues in terms of wellbeing, and whether this has an impact on cybersecurity behaviours. Phase one of the research, which concluded in January 2021, involved a review of existing literature on the topic of remote working and the associated impact on employee wellbeing, the relationship with the employee and the organisation and changes in cybersecurity behaviours. Phase two involves a series of expert interviews with senior information security colleagues. The findings will culminate in a white paper that will be released in late Spring 2021.

Collaboration Call to Action

We are always looking for potential clients to pilot our product with. Organisations with existing IR playbooks that have not been put to the test, crisis management teams who want to exercise their collaboration in a safe environment, board members who are interested in participating in a hands-on exercise to improve their understanding of cyber risks and mitigation efforts.