Building trust to succeed in a post-pandemic world by Dell Technologies

March 31 / 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

How can organisations build greater trust and consumer confidence? Join Liz Green and Des O’Connor, UK Cyber Resilience leads at Dell Technologies, to explore.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology and many organisations have transformed their digital operations to continue to function and grow. Participation in this digital economy requires consumers to trust how their data will be used, stored and protected. And this raises questions for businesses.

As consumers share their data, how do businesses make sure they’re handling data in a way that’s ethical, transparent and secure? What can they do to build greater trust and consumer confidence?

Our workshop discussion topics include:

  • Promoting a culture of security across an organisation
  • Sharing insights, including the threats, risks and weaknesses
  • Discuss strategic areas that organisations need to consider in building a zero-trust environment:
    • Building a security minded organisation culture
    • Network: developing a dynamic, software-based network
    • Endpoints: securing endpoints, applications and devices
    • Data: managing and safeguarding personal data
    • Business resilience: building a resilient ecosystem
  • Understanding how organisations are prioritising security investment and working with vendors to build a resilient ecosystem

Organisations that are open to adopting a proactive approach are most likely to remain secure and resilient and will be best-placed to succeed in the data-driven digital economy.