Secure behaviour change – it’s time for security awareness to adapt by Think Cyber

March 29 / 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

The shift to working from home and the technology transformation required has impacted organisations all over the world. And this comes with significant cybersecurity implications. Current approaches to securing the human user are outdated, infrequent, complex and are also often boring or patronising. And yet this is in a context were 90% of cyber attacks start with a human user and technical controls can never promise to protect the user 100%.

In this workshop, Think Cyber will explore the science behind user behaviour to see where and how we can support, influence and empower people to protect themselves. We will open the floor to explore what user behaviours are of concern, what approaches attendees have seen work (or not work) and highlight ways in which contextual and real-time guidance can be delivered.